License Plate Game

How to play License Plate GameThe customized plates featured in this game will generally be composed of common phrases, and spelling is important. While the game aims to be creative and entertaining, the challenge lies in deciphering the hidden meanings behind the carefully chosen combinations of letters, numbers, and characters. The primary goal is to engage in a fun and light-hearted activity and enjoy the amusing interpretations. Try to avoid slang or abbreviations in typing your answers. The answers will be full words. For example, you would need to type "you" instead of just typing "u".

Be careful though, some plates will be tougher than others. For example, GRNTST8 looks like GREEN STATE, but look closer it is actually GRANITE STATE.

While you're at it try crossing out all 50 states as you move forward in the game.

Game score: Right=0 Wrong=1 (0%)

Alabama's state tree is the Longleaf Pine.

We at License Plate Game DO NOT condone drunk, impaired, or distracted driving. Please don't use your phone while driving.

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